Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning more about us. Here you will find useful information about La Llave. The first part provides a general description of the company and its philosophy, but we would like to introduce ourselves in greater depth through more specific features such as our values, our pledge to our clients and our competitive advantage. All these elements have been thoroughly and carefully prepared to help you build a comprehensive idea of our capabilities. .


La Llave is the largest and most diversified industrial distributor in the region. It operates in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru and it has become the choice provider of technological solutions in the area of fluid conduction, control and management, material handling and equipment for leader companies in the area of manufacturing, energy, mining and sanitation. Any company that faces the challenge of producing with the highest standards of efficiency and reliability will find great value in our services and products.

Our products are oriented to fulfilled requirements of several areas like. (1): (1):

  • Steam production and control.
  • Fluid management, control and metering (Valves, pipes, instruments and sealing).
  • Compressed Air generation and control.
  • Industrial Pumping.
  • Fire protection Systems.
  • Materials Handling.
  • Construction and Mining equipment.
  • Industrial Lubrication.
  • Maintenance, repair and operations.
  • Fuel handling and dispense (gas and liquids).

During its 50 years of presence in the market, La Llave has managed to build a reputation that has yet to be matched. Being totally dedicated to customer service, providing reliable solutions and having a profound knowledge of the areas covered enables it to handle complex technological challenges.

In order to keep in stock the products that the market and our clients demand from us, we operate more than 7,000 square meters of warehouse space in the main cities of the countries where we operate. This gives us coverage and customer-service speed capabilities that no other distributor of the region can offer.

We have managed to achieve this based in the leadership and quality provided by each and every one of our business partners and brands we represent, well-known in the global market for their top quality products and widely recognized commitment with innovation and environment protection. The basis of this relationship resides fundamentally on the many years of working together and the correlation of our values and purposes. In addition, there is an intense investment on training both for our clients and for our employees. We are able to deliver training at the client's site or in our own premises in each of the operations. .

(1) We suggest checking each country's site in order to have a clear and more complete understanding of the product line, the list provided here do not necessarily represent all the products which we market in a specific country.


Knowledge is our passion:
We pride ourselves in having the most up to date knowledge of our products and the markets in which we operate.

We are guided by ethics:
We operate on the base that everything must be done in a correct and ethical way.
We are excellent corporate citizens.

We are reliable.
We deliver our commitments.

We seek for the best:
The best people. The best products. The best results.

We are ambitious:
We want to be the number one. To be big. To be relevant.


To raise the standards in all segments of the industrial and manufacturing sectors by delivering state of the art technologies and next-generation capabilities.


To become one of the top three in each and every market segment we decide to participate, driving to become the leading Industrial Distributor in Latin America.


In each of the business transactions we undertake with our clients we pledge to meet three statements:

  • Functionality.
    All products, services and solutions marketed by La Llave should operate adequately for whichever function the client purchased them for, thanks to the professional knowledge and experience of our staff.
  • Efficiency.
    Our products, services and solutions should allow our clients to operate, saving time, costs and being more environment-friendly, thanks to an adequate product specification in its place of operation, the vocation for innovation and quality which is reflected in all the products we commercialize.
  • Operability.
    Our products, services and solutions should allow our clients to operate without non-scheduled interruptions in their processes, thanks to the quality of our products, our parts and components inventory and to our after sales service.

We hope that this information has allowed you to get to know us better and to have a clear idea of our capabilities and business philosophy. We are at your service. If you need any further information or clarification, we shall be happy to provide it. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the link: CONTACTENOS.

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